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BNM Realty

Microsites for Ad Campaign

The project is about generating Microsites for clients in real estate industry. These Microsites are published as a part of Ad Campaigns for brand new real estate projects on sale. The microsite's job is to attract potential customers and turn them in to sales leads. Following are the development requirements for such microsites.

Thought Process

Solving challenges

According to the brief there are 2 groups of audiences to focus on. 90% of the users will be accessing the site on mobile as most of the ads are targeted on mobile. The rest of the users will be accessing the site from various devices.

Hero — The first thing the user sees is the campaign image. We have had to make sure the site works properly even when user rotate their mobile screen to horizontal.

Slider — The challenge here with the slider is on mobile, the images will be either too small or over stretched on desktop view. So we created images with transparency for both desktop and mobile viewing experience, any extra spaces will be filled by the slider background color instead.

Images — If the images are not optimized properly it will greatly impact the site’s performance and loading time. We used SVG, PNG and WebP formats to reduces the images file sizes by another 29%.

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