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Leaf Air

Home Automation System

In the years after the Industrial revolution, our home became a hub of devices and technologies which saved us both time and effort making our lives and homes more comfortable.

Yet in present day life we find ourselves spending a disproportionate amount of our time managing those machines-machines doing things so regularly that they should’ve learnt by now!

Leaf Air is a smart home system that make our homes thoughtful such that they can understand our preferences, they can take care of our machines and our regular interactions with them.

How it works

Internet of Things

An Air kit comprises of two components, a sleek pentagonal-shaped unit called Air which goes on your wall accompanied by Switchboard Modules which sit behind your existing switchboards.

Air automatically discovers and connects all the switchboard modules through the router over Wi-Fi. This enables you to control the appliances from anywhere in the world and also enables all the intelligent features of Air from the Air app.

The Brief

Product design | Experience design | Manufacturing

Air Unit brief:

Switch Board Unit brief:

Air Unit

A premium device for homes and commercial spaces.

Air unit senses the living condition of the environment through a plethora of sensors, giving it the capability to manipulate electrical appliances like TV, Air-condition, electric curtains etc.

Switch Unit

Small and safe for Indian conditions

The Switch Unit took commands from the Air Unit and manipulated appliances connected to power sockets, fans and lights.

Power Unit

One of the kind looks and functionality

The power adapter had to be placed outside the Air unit to reduce the RF noise generated by SMPS that can affect communication systems.

An external power adaptor means sagging wires.

So we designed it in such way that the wire remains straight all the time and the adaptor becomes a spool from which the required amount of wire can be reeled in or out. The design of the adapter visualy resembles any plug available in the market, but with the secret feature of wire management.


Packaging, Electronics & Compliance

The device and its accessories were a result of meticulous plannig, human experience design and sophisticated engineering meeting stringent IEC IP standards.

Air Mobile App

Premium app for IOS and android

The look and feel of the app was based on the corporate website itself. It was developed considering use case, task flows, story board, user empathy and scenarios.

Air Website

Premium consumer electronics needs a Premium website.

Since website had to demonstrate the function of the product, usability and installation of the product, each and every page of the website had to be very elegant and clean, featuring

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